Matt Callahan

Lead Detector Engineer

I don’t normally write reviews which alone should say everything. David was very knowledgable including bringing in experiences and techniques from other practices too which was helpful in gaining context and providing future reading. I would happily recommend Red Tangerine to anyone on their Agile journey.

Jalil Bensaci

Business Agility Senior Consultant & Coach

David is a great facilitator and teacher. It is obvious that he has a strong field experience and I really appreciate his open mindedness and down to earth approach in his classes. I definitely recommend Red Tangerine.

Tom Fell

Technical Project Manager

Incredibly knowledgeable, helpful and patient. Covers all necessary information and more thoroughly with attention to detail while keeping the tuition fun and interesting. Looking to go back and complete more courses with them. We had David as our trainer.

Isil Hizarci

Agile Coach and Scrum Master

The Professional Scrum with Kanban class with Red Tangerine was a very informative and eye opening class. It’s a great refresh of the scrum knowledge as well as understanding the essentials of both Scrum and Kanban. David Spinks is an amazing trainer and facilitator. It was one of the best trainings I had and I really enjoyed it the whole time. I’d definitely recommend anyone to get at least one training from David and Red Tangerine.

Caroline Stacey

Agile Coach, Scrum Master, Cheerleader and Facilitator

Red Tangerine are great for coaching, consultancy and training. I’ve worked with Glaudia in my company and attended training courses delivered by David. They are both very experienced agile professionals. I would recommend their services to everyone.


Agile Coach

Great practical insights and engaging! Happily recommend to anyone.

Christopher Davies

Agile Coach

Excellent Advanced PO Training David was an excellent teacher, the content was well structured and relevant. The activities really helped the group explore the real world PO role and the tools PO’s have at their disposal when it comes to maximising value. Would definitely recommend to any agile practitioner!


A very interactive 2 days with David. He is knowledgeable, accommodating and engaging, It was a pleasure to attend his course.

Ojetunde Sangobiyi

Scrum Master

The class was very well organised. David shared his vast experience and attendees had enough practice sessions. David is an exceptional trainer and highly recommend him.

Caroline Wortley

Agile Advocate

David is a great facilitator. Engaging class, lots of interaction whilst providing essential info and knowledge on the discipline, tools and lots more.

John Coleman

Executive guide, product leader

David Spinks and Glaudia Califano are wonderful facilitators and trainers. Plus, the class is wonderfully designed, with a nice mixture of applied learning on various facilitation techniques to juice up one’s facilitation toolbox. Energy levels are high from beginning to end.

Chris Gibb

Technical Project Owner

The course was extremely interactive and the trainer gave lots of real world examples to help provide context around the material.

James Pham

Class was excellent, our trainer ran us through great scenarios and mixed up our groups which I thought was an excellent idea.

Morayo Bamidele

Delivery Lead

I attend training for two courses – Kanban System Improvement and Kanban System Design which together are the Kanban management Professional Qualification. Across the 4 days my trainer David was engaging, articulate and as a change manager the course has opened up a plethora of new conversations we should be facilitating at team and organisation level.

Miroslav Prudký

Good atmosphere on the training. Refreshed current SCRUM knowledge + got the new interesting knowledge.

Prahlad Singh Bisht

Module Lead Database

It was a very well planned class with great content and hands on case studies. It was so informative and interactive class that we learned a lot and felt like a physical class.

Beau MacLean

Scrum Master

Great Trainer, Great Course


Excellent hands on class that confirmed my facilitation skills in a Scrum context. Looking forward to teach and share the experience in the future

Nicole Grobler

Business Analyst

I loved this course as it was interactive and informative. I walked away feeling like I had gained a world of knowledge that I could use practically day to day.

Philip Dursley

Insurance Business Analyst / Product Owner

David @ Red Tangerine facilitated my training course and it was a great experience. The content was well presented and the activities well structured. I will definitely look to use them again for future Scrum training.

Clara Park

Innovation Manager/Scrum Master

Awesome class. It helped me answer all the uncertain questions I had regarding scrum, agile, and roles of a scrum master. Thanks Red Tangerine/David Spinks!


Wonderful trainers and helpful class

Ciprian Banica

Agile Coach

Amazing training experience! In a very short timebox, Glaudia and David were able to engage a very dynamic class with real life examples and tales from their experience. We’ve learned powerful techniques and also practiced some of them. It was one of the best classes that I’ve participated in.

Samuel Adesoga

Delivery Manager

Fantastic experience …. Thanks for the experience

Ankit Surana

Enterprise Lean and Agile Coach

Very interactive


Test Analyst

The delivery by David Spinks at Red Tangerine was both challenging and informative. The trainers were very engaged with the class and I learnt a lot.
I enjoyed it very much.

Caroline Stacey

Agile Coach, Scrum Master, Cheerleader and Facilitator

Very informative and interesting course. The mixture of learning was well-balanced and the group activities were hugely beneficial.

Edward Yadua

Scrum Master

The session was well organised, very good content, I enjoyed the collaborative sessions in my team and interactions with other teams. learnt current updates to the scrum guide. learnt more about TDD and how teams can deliver quality done and valuable increments frequently.

Benjamin Sturgess

Principle Data Engineer

A very intense 3 day course which included 3 90 minute sprints! Well paced, very interactive and lots of fun. David and Glaudia were excellent teachers

Kenny Sime

Scrum Master

A great interactive course with lots of conversation and activities. I would recommend this to anyone working in a Scrum team, or interested in learning more about Scrum

Tunde Sangobiyi

Scrum Master, Lean-Agile Practitioner and Agile Coach

I attended the KMM class from Kanban University over two weekends and it was by far the best online training I have ever had. It was very interactive and David was happy to share his vast experience with the cohort. Looking forward to the doing this all over again for the KCP class in a couple of weeks.

Natalie Pinder

Senior Scrum Master

David and Glaudia were the perfect trainers.
I really enjoyed the 2 days.
Loved how David allowed us to discuss the points however managed to keep us on track!

Happy Chap

As usual Scrum.Org delivers a great learning experience. Loads of useful tools, tips and knowledge relevant to my work. Skilfully facilitated and I was kept engaged and on my toes throughout the two days.

Ameer Din

Digital Product Manager

David was incredibly friendly and thorough in his teaching. David was able to ensure the group were engaged and had sufficient breaks to keep hydrated and focused. I hope the next course is led by David.

Shirley Santiago Professional Scrum Trainer, Agile Coach

I learned so much from David Spinks. I especially loved the simulation, case studies, and the discussion of the metrics. David’s teaching style of combining theories and his own experience was very helpful in the learning process. I would recommend him to anyone who would like to deepen their knowledge in Kanban and Agile in general.

Phillip Royle

Lead Engineer

Excellent course. The instructor was brilliant – knowledgable, fun, and engaging. The pace was spot on, especially given some complex real-world areas.

Even as someone who has been working with Scrum for a long time, I found it very useful to brush up on some areas, learned some new things, and felt reinvoigorated to bring new practises to our teams.

Martin Hinshelwood

Professional Scrum Trainer

Had a fantastic time with David and Glaudia. Learned a lot that I have already put into practice.

Guillem Hernandez Sola

Professional Scrum Trainer

Nice and very helpful class. It is nice to see so much new information.


A very interactive 2 days with David. He is knowledgeable, accommodating and engaging, It was a pleasure to attend his course.


Thank you very much for the training. I got many insides on scrum and PO.
David is a great trainer and he explained material the way that professionals and beginners could understand everything.

Isabel Shea

Senior Product Manager

A very hands-on course, and a great opportunity to meet with others in different roles and share experiences. I would have liked a bit more pointers on the assessment during the course but a follow up on the assessment is provided separately.

Joseph George

Test Analyst

David Spinks is an excellent teacher and his teaching methods are great. Very clear and concise. He has helped me to understand concepts of Scrum in Software Development.

William Jonadoss

Senior IT Analyst

It was a good session and learned a lot

Philip Thomas

Lead Engineer

Really impressed by the way the class was given, example discussions and the ability to provide real world examples relative to your discipline, Well Done, I would suggest anyone learning Agile to attend this course as a PO.

Ajit Suresh

Excellent introduction to SCRUM MASTER training. Neat and concise

Chris Cannacott

Head of Delivery

I found the course really insightful with lots of debate which helped my learning throughout.

Peter Gfader

Silo Thinking Breaker and Guest Lecturer

I found the insights from David very helpful and enjoyed the metrics and practices of Kanban with simulation. Very helpful in order to work with Scrum Teams.


Neil Baynes

Enterprise Agile Coach

David explained things in a simple, clear and easy to understand way. 2 full days on Zoom didnt feel as tough as it sounded when I signed up as a result of the variety of activities and learning content

Yuheng Shen

Agile Coach

David’s facilitation of the training was simply great. The use of whiteboards, discussions, games and quizzes reinforced what was covered in the lessons. KSI’s contents are especially useful and relatable to my current team situation, triggering me to think about how I can help the team to improve. As a newbie to Kanban, 6 months into practices, the notes I took from the training are always a great help when I need to revisit some of the principles to improve the flow to achieve even better effectiveness and a happy team.

Martina Luenzmann

Professional Scrum Trainer

Excellent training by excellent trainer; Highly recommend the class

Philippa Hirst

Digital Portfolio Analyst

Really engaging and informative course. I really liked the Interactive activities, particularly the Kanban game.

Lee Stewartson

Agile Coach

Excellent course, great pace and very engaging. The content was clearly explained and flowed really well.

Mercy George Igbafe

Founder of Learntor

Glaudia & David are exceptional trainers with a focus to impact lives with their expertise. I am a Professional Scrum Master with Kanban.
Glaudia & David are embodiments of the Agile mindset, they are doing Agile, they live & breathe Agile

Their impact and sacrifice in Africa cannot be measured and thank you for supporting LEARNTOR


Awesome knowledge experience!

Muideen Akorede

An excellent refresher on Scrum and indepth look at Kanban’s application to Scrum teams.

Etiosa Odia

Product Manager/ Business Analyst/ Data Analyst

The course was practical oriented precise and contained lots of valuable information about Professional Scrum with Kanban. I would recommend David and Claudia anytime.

Vinod Sathyamoorthy

Lead Solutions Architect

Amazing that we learnt Scrum principles and practices by doing 3 Sprints in the training class itself, very well structured and organised.

Kirsty Remy

Scrum Master

This class was very fun, interactive, and engaging. I was able to learn a lot of information and get a lot of notes in.

Kennedy Vizcaino

Entrepreneur | Scrum Master | Information Technology Specialist

The class was awesome I learned so much about scrum, David was very helpful.

Noemi Galarza

IT/Helpdesk Support

The class was very engaging and easy to understand, the instructor cleared any questions we had and offered great input.

Anthony Herrera

Product Owner

The class that I was in was amazing, my instructor David Spinks did a great job at teaching us the core values of Scrum and how to utilize them.

Nevena Stojkovic

Scrum Master

This has been one of my best trainings so far. David is a great facilitator and he challenged us to think and give answers, learning path was amazing. Bravo David, thank you for this experience!

Jovan Jakovljević

Agile Lead

With so much interaction in the class, I’ve felt like I was in the same room with the other ones attending the class. It’s not just about Kanban in Scrum it’s also about the psychology behind it and nurturing a proper mindset.


Jim Head

Digital Leader

Really enjoyed by Kanban training with David Spinks. Would highly recommend. Caring, smart, inspiring

Christina Polland

Senior Project Manager

Good balance between theory and practise. Trainer challenged with tricky questions along the course to make sure we think before we answer.

Franklin Mercado

David Spinks is outstanding

Dana Rodriguez

WordPress & Elementor Developer

David made the class fun and was very engaging. I feel confident I’m on the right track to getting my certification!

Marilena Iordache

Product Manager

I love this course, the training materials, the structure the trainer’s professionalism, experience, and value-added in the way the training was held, and the experience. I fully recommend it, I learned a lot from it and after two days I was sad to see the training ended. I hope to have more inspiring trainings like this

Olivier Ledru

Agile Culture Grower

Great learning experience. David shared a lot of very usefull stories and was also great in facilitating the many conversations.

Kenny Sime

Scrum Master

A thorough and interactive 2 day session on Scrum, and how to apply it. David is an engaging and relaxed trainer who puts his class at ease from the word go.

I would recommend this course to everyone interested in Scrum.

Sudhir Hira

Senior Project Manager

I think it was good class, definitely worth it

Luis Hontoria

Technical Lead

The course was well conducted with clear content and lot of practical exercices, David is a motivated teacher and tries to involve evrybody.

Sarah Toogood

Enterprise Coach and Trainer

Loved the class, the instructor is knowledgable, engaging, adaptive to the interests of the group, and has loads of insightful stories and experiences. Thoroughly recommend the class, and this trainer.

Gerry Ronn Mendoza

David and Glaudia compensated with each other in the training. They provided a lot of insightful, real-world situation that everyone can understand. The activities are really engaging despite being virtual. Topics were covered enough. Everyone is given the opportunity to speak. All questions and concerns were answered properly. Highly recommended trainers for this course.

Lavaneesh Gautam

Professional Scrum and Kanban Trainer

Great class! Learn so many new tools. Dave and Glaudia, made the class really interactive. Loved the Kanban simulation. A great example of learning by doing. And Yes, Scrum and Kanban are not binary choices, they complement each really well.

Calum Drury

Software Engineering Scrum Master

Great class! Learn so many new tools. Dave and Glaudia, made the class really interactive. Loved the Kanban simulation. A great example of learning by doing. And Yes, Scrum and Kanban are not binary choices, they complement each really well.

Erika Camilleri

Senior Front End Engineer

This PSU course was very well run and definitely a great guide to getting the certification. Worked very well even though it was virtual – the tools really allowed us to collaborate.

Jowen Mei

Scrum Master | Coach | Trainer

I enjoyed this class! I’ve gained several valuable insights… And the course proved to be great preparation for the exam since I knew very little about UX beforehand and still passed.

Pascal Dürsteler

Team Leader

The course contents were very well taught and enhanced with additional examples such as real-world stories. The right amount of fun in the course kept it light and ongoing. Highly recommended!

Matt Spottiswoode

Delivery Lead

Great experience on Kanban courses. Super knowledgable trainers and a great community for support post training

Salvator Demelas

Project Manager

Excellent course, very interactive. David is very knowledgeable and the class was designed to engage us and have us learn by doing, rather than only focusing on the theory.  Highly reccommended!

Seema Padia

Project/Operations Manager

The programme was very well designed and executed. David is an excellent trainer.


very good didactics, lots of real life examples
professional use of online techniques
works good remote

René B

The class was jam packed with very useful information about applying Kanban to Scrum. The two trainers have been very competent and made the course a fun experience. We did a lot of practical exercises and got all of our questions answered. I definitely would recommend the course to anybody who is interested in combining Kanban with Scrum in the right way.

Melat Tekeste

Information Technology and Cyber Security Student

I love the training that I had with David… he is AMAZING!

Alyssa Mullis

Business Analyst

This class was amazing! David was the best instructor and kept it professional while being casual with us. 10/10 recommend!

Frank Lopez Chaparro

Software Developer

The class was fun, engaging, and informative. You will leave knowing more about scrum and wanting to learn more!

Jackie Rivera

Business Support Lead

It was wonderful to have you as our instructor! I learned so much and I have a better understanding of scrum.

I enjoyed your method of teaching and I was able to retain 90% of the information given. I would also like to praise you on the Murals- they were very detail and beneficial for us. Keep the music and breaks going, they kept us going! Overall, everything was superb and valuable. Thank You!


The training was well maintained and David is very professional but also very close to the real-life scenarios. For me personally, this experience will be for sure the gateway for the next SCRUM pieces of training

Adriano Campestrini

Software Development Manager

Basically in 2 weeks we went through Kanban System Design and Systems Improvement trainings in a remote class with people from the whole world, all of them put together by Red Tangerine. A great experience and I’m glad the facilitation wasn’t counter-Scrum or any other method. Thank you, David Spinks!

René Gysenbergs

Agile (Enterprise) Coach

I loved the PSK I course! A great mix between theory and exercises, where the finer points of Scrum with Kanban are explained in detail. Points that I had missed while trying to learn this in self-study. All by all I had a great experience that I will recommend to everyone that wants to learn about PSK.

Dimitri Schildmeijer

Managing Director and Senior Coach

Excellent trainer, clearly very knowledge but also pleasant to work with. They offer an exam prep session as well. It was a virtual class for two days. David really pulled it off – keeping the class interactive with lots of exercises and team work.

David Leach

Agile and Change Delivery Lead

Fantastic course to re-affirm the foundations and first principals of scrum. Excellently taught given it was my first remote course. The virtual breakout rooms and choice of exercises and activities and tooling was exceptional. Highly recommended.

Tamara Dabbas

Senior Manager

Great class, very engaging and a good mix between theory & interactive activities!

Lavaneesh Gautam

Professional Scrum and Kanban Trainer

Great learning experience. One of the best introductory Scrum class.
Structure of class was great.

M.S. (MS)

Agile Practitioner

Simply awesome!

Neil Ingram

Certified Scrum Master

The course very informative and had lots of insightful training material. It made me much more aware of what Kanban has to offer. The trainer was excellent and made the learning fun. Would recommend.

Anna Novikova

Agile Coach and Scrum Master

A very informative and useful course. Loads covered in a short period, with a hands on, practical approach. Amazing trainers that are making the whole experience easy and unique

Iwona Winiarska

Digital Transformation and Delivery Consultant

Fantastic training course! Highly recommended! Great content, useful information and interesting exercises.

Helen Beal

Ways of Working consultant, coach and learning facilitator

This course was excellent, helping to address long standing questions that come up time and time again whilst teaching new techniques to take work optimisation to another level. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and feel better equipped.

Daniel Bowyer

Engineering Program Manager

Super fun and creative class which covered everything in great detail. I will be using Glaudia and David again for sure!

Haroon Khalil

Lean-Agile apprentice

I had the delight to attend the PSK training delivered by Red Tangerine. I found their training to be highly engaging amd their breadth of real-life experience was the best part which made the exercises and learning relatable to real challenges teams, leadership teams, and an organization faces in complex environments.The flow of the course was a great blend of group work, mini lecture segments, and a tonne of fun. Subsequent to the training there is a supportive network of people that have undertaken many Scrum amd Kanban courses with Red Tangerine that help with follow up engagements on their online channels.I look forward to pursuing the Kanban Maturity Model and Kanban Coaching courses with David. He is a fantastic educator and is passionate about Agile and making a world a better place.If you’re looking for a highly interactive training organization that have real life experiences in the field of agility I would highly recommend Red Tangerine for their courses.

Mark Parkes

Agile Service Delivery Manager

Great two days of learning, loved every minute of the sessions and the information shared was very useful and has made me rethink my approach to applying Scrum. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to take their scrum mastery to the next level.


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